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Stephanie Ward, Business & Marketing Mentor

Wonder Woman of the Week, Stephanie Ward is a Business & Marketing Mentor for Business Owners who want to Transform Their Business for More Ease, Fulfillment & Profit. She started Firefly Coaching in 2002 and serves clients all over the world. Stephanie has an undergraduate degree in Business Management and a Master’s degree in Communication in addition to years in non-profit and corporate jobs before starting her business.

Wonder Women of the Week: Life Mission

Tammy: What were you put on this Earth to do? In other words, what’s your life’s purpose?

Stephanie: In the big scheme of things, I’m here to love and be loved. To make the most of my life, find joy, be grateful, and love what is (shout out to Byron Katie). And to contribute to society and make a difference where I can. So, I also want to use my voice to make changes and work toward dismantling injustices and inequalities in the world.

How my life’s purpose translates into my work is that I want all passionate business owners to be able to make a living doing the work they love. I do that by helping them get clarity about their business and choosing marketing strategies that are the perfect fit for them.

Tammy: What role does your work play in your life? How does it embody your values?

Stephanie: I adore my work and my work supports my life. Life is short and the one non-renewable resource we all have is time. So, I’m incredibly intentional about how I choose to spend my most precious resource, my time. My personal and work values are the same. After all, When you’re a business owner it would be misaligned if they weren’t.

Wonder Women of the Week: Words of Encouragement

Tammy: What message would you like to give to other women?

Stephanie: Trust yourself and believe in yourself — you know. Choose what is right for you, choose yourself first. Take action, you will learn as you go. You are infinite and made of stars so show up in the world and let your brilliance shine.

Tammy: Tell us about your relationship with clothing. What do you think about the act of getting dressed? What role does clothing serve for you? Does it hold a certain meaning or significance? 

Stephanie: I have a positive relationship with clothing. Getting dressed is a fun way to express myself. That’s why choosing what to wear is a freedom that I am grateful for especially because in many parts of the world women are not free to wear what they want.

Influence of Clothing

Tammy: How has your relationship with clothing changed throughout your career? 

Stephanie: For the longest time, I didn’t have a defined style and I also didn’t have much of a budget growing up. Throughout my 20’s, it was a real mixed bag. Then, I moved to the Netherlands in my early 30s and it took years after that to finally connect with my style.

There wasn’t one exact moment when it all clicked. But slowly over time I let go of the conservative corporate clothing that I had been wearing and discovered the shapes, textures, colors, patterns, and silhouettes that suit me.

I love getting dressed now because my clothes are a way to express on the outside how I feel on the inside. Thus, the way I dress makes me feel confident and clear about who I am.

That is why the work you’re doing is so important, Tammy. You help people find their style faster and easier so they don’t stumble along in the dark for years as I did.

The outfit that makes me meel like Wonder Woman

Tammy: Describe an outfit of yours that makes you feel like Wonder Woman when you wear it.

Stephanie: You won’t believe this, well since you know me you might. I actually have a Wonder Woman costume; it was for Halloween years ago.

I don’t have one particular outfit because this changes over time and seasons. However, I do have beloved pieces that make me feel like a Wonder Woman like my gold flats (and new gold loafers); my red, bat-wing blazer; my faux suede champagne color trench coat; my large, fuchsia tote; and so many of my statement necklaces and earrings.

Tammy: Is there any other information you want to share with the readers?

Stephanie: On my website, I’d love to invite people to get a copy of my Free Special Report, 7 Steps to Attract More Clients in Less Time.

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