Shweta Agarwala, Associate Professor

I am a global citizen, who is trying to dissolve boundaries through my work. As an associate professor at Aarhus University (Denmark), my job is to teach and carry out research in electronics engineering. And I am passionate about making the electronics industry sustainable.

Wonder Woman of the Week: Shweta’s Life Mission

Tammy: What were you put on this Earth to do? In other words, what’s your life’s purpose?

Shweta: To unravel some of the mysteries of the world and how it is run (by electronics for now 😉 )

Tammy: What role does your work play in your life? How does it embody your values?

Shweta: My purpose in life is relayed by my work. It is my passion and reason to wake up. And I am one of those fortunate ones who found my calling earlier in life.  My work is a reflection of my personality: unwritten and undefined. It changes with time (at least the topics I research on).  So, my work and I share some common traits: modern, electric, and global.

Wonder Woman of the Week: Words of Encouragement

Tammy: What message would you like to give to other women?

Shweta: I would hand out a cliché — follow your passion. It has worked for me and I find ways whenever I feel stuck because I love what I do. Countless times I had people putting me down for various reasons but I keep going. Position, money, and big/small tasks do not matter…all that matters is you keep moving toward your passion.

Tammy: Tell us about your relationship with clothing. What do you think about the act of getting dressed? What role does clothing serve for you? Does it hold a certain meaning or significance?

Shweta: My attire is a reflection of my personality. I am a sucker for dressing up and I put a lot of thought into what I wear depending on the occasion. After all, I feel that my clothes bring out my attitude, mood, and message.

Influence of Clothing

Tammy: How has your relationship with clothing changed throughout your career?

Shweta: What I wear at work conveys my sense of respect and dignity. As a student, I started with t-shirts and jeans in the laboratory. However, It was as a post-doc I realized that it need to change if I wanted people to take me seriously as a professional. Hence, I welcomed formal shirts, pants, and long skirts.

Tammy: Describe an outfit of yours that makes you feel like Wonder Woman when you wear it.

Shweta: I swear by the power of a ‘suit’. Nothing comes close to it when I want to be myself: modern, powerful, and bold.

Tammy: Is there any other information you want to share with the readers (or just me)?

Shweta: I like to accessorize too. As it lifts the mood on dull days.

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