Sandra Deira, Global Director and Founder of Health Tribe

Cod liver oil — do you remember that? Today, cod liver from whales is unthinkable. But that’s how Sandra was raised. Her mother gave her cod liver oil, and another product called Scott’s Emulsion, full of vitamins A and D. Keeping her kids healthy was an absolute necessity for Sandra’s mom. Sandra believes this formed the basis for the interest she later developed in health and a holistic lifestyle, and which led her to create her business Health Tribe. 

Looking back, her 30-years of experience in the corporate world, working for market-leading companies, and traveling internationally have all shaped Sandra’s ideas about working. She believes we are all, to some extent, entrepreneurial. Sandra views the ability to reinvent yourself, incorporate new skills, share experiences, collaborate, and be of worth to society from anywhere in the world as invaluable.

Wonder Woman of the Week: Her Ultimate Goal

Tammy: What were you put on this Earth to do? In other words, what’s your life’s purpose?

Sandra: My mission is to be impactful, to be of significance to others in every sense of the word. Maybe it’s because the name as Sandra means ‘helper of humanity’. This is a great purpose to live up to on a daily basis.

Tammy: What role does your work play in your life? How does it embody your values?

Sandra: The knowledge I’ve gained over the years fuels our company’s ethos of putting clients’ futures back in their hands. Health Tribe is dedicated to transparency, honesty, and professionalism. We share knowledge and offer products on our online platform so others can create a healthier, more confident, and more sustainable lifestyle. Our high-quality food supplements are GMO-free, vegan, and contain no additives or preservatives.

Wonder Woman of the Week: Golden Tip

Tammy: What message would you like to give to other women?

Sandra: There is no reason for women to be ignorant regarding their health. Women are usually in the driver’s seat regarding the health of their (future) children, their partners, their parents (as caretakers), and their social network. Don’t wait — take a holistic, preventive approach and treat your own health as your number one asset in life. Because there’s no such thing as wealth without health. Add up all current stressful events and environmental challenges on a global scale, and stress is the number one factor affecting your health. As a European Award winner for the Most Innovative Health Supplements Brand of 2022, we are well-versed in separating facts from hype in the market of natural food supplements.

Tammy: Tell us about your relationship with clothing. What do you think about the act of getting dressed? What role does clothing serve for you? Does it hold a certain meaning or significance? 

Sandra: Great question! My relationship with clothing goes way back to the early 80s when fashion and paying extra attention to how you look was a daily thing. Making a statement with your outfit was a proven way to influence your network. It now becomes easier AND more challenging to stand out and see individuality through fashion with the help of social media. As you get dressed for the occasion, you can develop your style and bring your uniqueness and personality forwardFashion is second nature to me. I’m always open to trying something new and quirky. Fashion adds to feeling happy and content with yourself.

Relationship with Clothing

Tammy: How has your relationship with clothing changed throughout your career? 

Sandra: I am thankful that my current work, knowledge, and expertise have influenced and changed my relationship with clothing. One of my major concerns is the extremely polluting effect fast fashion has on our environment. For instance mass production of fabrics in low-wage countries; mistreatment of animals; and fast and polluted growth of plant-based materials including pesticides. Fairtrade, animal-friendly, and secondhand choices are the responsible ones I’d like to see more people make.

Wonder Woman Outfit

Tammy: Describe an outfit of yours that makes you feel like Wonder Woman when you wear it.

Sandra: Hmm, this is quite a hard question. It would be a partial outfit as I combine quite a lot and often surprise myself with the results. I love color, so I should say a bright, slim fit jacket paired with a turtleneck, my black flared faux leather trousers, and silver paillete boots. But an elegant black dress and a pair of killer heels are also at the top of my list.

I’m confident in getting noticed and inspiring others. One evening at a highway service station, I was about to get back into my car, when I noticed a woman running in my direction. She was busy gesturing, so I waited to see how I could help. When she caught her breath, she said she liked my boots so much. She had mustered up all her courage to ask where I had bought them. Unfortunately, I’d bought them abroad and couldn’t help her, but she was inspired.

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