Tips from Tammy: The Closet Edit

(Video transcript- The Closet Edit)

On today's tip from Tammy, I'm talking about the wardrobe edit and closet detox. It scares a lot of people because they think,

"Tammy, don't come in and tell me I have to get rid of everything in my closet because it's all wrong for me."

But that's not what a closet edit is about. It's really about three steps: Repair, Repurpose, and Remove.

Step 1- Repair

A lot of people have items of clothing, accessories, and shoes in their closet and they like them. They're just not wearing them because they are broken. So very simple, you don't have to repair things yourself, but figure out who can do that. Is it your tailor/cobbler? Is it a jewelry repair shop? Or your favorite jewelry store? Thus, get those items that are broken or need a bit of spiffing up and get them repaired. That's Step 1.

Step 2- Repurpose

Maybe you've got something in your closet that could be combined with something else to make a totally new garment or maybe you could buy something and have those two combined and repurpose what you already have. So, before you just get rid of it, think about if you could give that item a second life. And again, you don't have to do this yourself or even come up with the idea yourself, but you can ask, I would start with your tailor, or ask a friend. Is there something else I could do to repurpose this item?

Step 3-Remove

The third step in talking about today in a closet edit is removing items and this is the part that scares a lot of people. Sometimes people form emotional attachments to their clothing. They hold onto things because of sentimental value when they know they'll never wear them again. This can be OK as long as it doesn't become excessive and as long as you have the room to do this.

But most of us at some point need to make room in our closets so we can see and use what we already have. So, there's a whole set of guidelines that go along with removing items. But I do think this should be the last resort because the point is, if we're constantly removing items and we see empty space, we are going to subconsciously want to fill that space, and we keep the cycle of overconsumption going. So, Removing (step 3) should be the last resort.

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