Tips from Tammy: Tailoring

(video transcript) Tailoring tips

Today’s Tip from Tammy, is for those of you who have trouble finding clothes that fit.

Unwritten Laws For Clothes

So here I am in The Hague standing in front of the former Ministry of Justice and Parliament where laws get made.

Let’s talk about the unwritten law that you have to find clothes that actually fit your body when you buy them. I disagree.

The solution is to find a tailor that does great work.

Here’s how to do that.

Tailoring Tips 101 – Avoid Trouble Finding Clothes That Fit Your Body

So tip 1 is to ask your neighbors and your colleagues. You want a location close to your home or your office in case you have to make multiple trips to get one alteration done.

The second tip is to ask your favorite Boutique. Sometimes they will also do alterations for individuals, in addition to the store that you like to visit.

The third step is to always check references, just go to Google and see what people are saying about this business, and also check how they react to critical feedback.

So when a customer has complained, how has that business responded? you can tell a lot about their customer service that way.

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