Tips from Tammy: Sweaters

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Today’s Tip from Tammy is about sweaters.

An Issue That Needs To Be Addressed

A client wrote.
Hey Tammy, I’m a sweater person. How do I dress up sweaters so I can stay comfy but take the glam up a notch to be more on, or put
together on my really important video calls?

Tips From Tammy: The Best Solution

My top 3 tips are Necklines, Hair and Makeup. This is a removable collar. So this is what a statement collar or removable collar looks like on. And this one even comes with fake cuffs, believe it or not. You can wear this removable collar under any kind of sweater, even a sweatshirt and they come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors.


Another easy way to change the neckline of a sweater is to take a t-shirt or actually any old shirt. So take the shirt, fold the neckline in arms. Cross it around your neck, arms back underneath. Simple and it fills in the neckline. You can then take another kind of sweater, the cardigan sweater.
And put it on on top. Here you have a new neckline and, of course, you’ve got things like scarves and every shape color, size, and necklaces.

If you want more advice on scarves, I invite you to visit me on Instagram @clothingcompass and you’ll see lots of videos there, But I want to focus on the most important things right now for video calls. It’s not about dressing up your sweater. The main points are what I listed as 2 and that’s your hair.


Did anyone notice that I have a new haircut between the beginning of this video and now? I’m not saying you need to cut your hair but wear your hair with pride because that is something that really stands out on video.


The third and last point is makeup. Even if you’re not a normal makeup wearer, the lighting, the fake lighting on a video call takes all the color and definition and contrast out of your face. So consider adding a little bit of color, a little bit of concealer to even out the tone of your skin and to make sure you have a healthy glow.

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