Tips from Tammy: How to Shop the Sales

(video transcript)

On today’s Tip from Tammy, we are talking about how to break your shopping habit. (How to shop the sales)

Break Shopping Habit

The first step to breaking a shopping habit, and I’m not calling it an addiction for a reason, is to analyze your habit. Analyze it really break it down. What are the circumstances you find yourself in when you are buying clothing? What are you doing? What’s happening? How are you feeling? What emotions are coming up? Are you feeling down? Are you feeling upset? Are you feeling lonely?How often are you shopping? Do you find yourself scrolling every day every week? A certain time of the day? What are you buying?

And how does it make you feel when you buy the item, and then when you actually get it and try it on? What are those feelings? Really analyze that and I think you’ll see some patterns.

One of the reasons we keep buying is because we have relationship with our clothes.

Develop A Relationship With Your Clothes Too

So Step Two is to develop one. Develop the relationship. Build a connection with the clothes you already have. And the best way to do that is to Shop Your Own Closet. This is actually a service I offer.

Get in there and see what you’ve already got, and make a story.

Note the story for those clothing items. What were you doing when you were wearing it? What are some memories you can associate with those particular pieces of clothing? Because those are going to help you really feel a connection to the clothes, and you’re less likely to throw them out.

After you’ve noted those stories & realized your connection to the clothing, make some new combinations, right? We all get sick of the same things, we wear over and over again the same outfit. So just lay out your favorite pieces, the ones you’re always wearing, and maybe a few that are in the back of the closet. Lay things out on your bed and literally pick a random top and a random pant and combine them, and see what kind of new combinations you can make.


The Third Step to breaking your shopping habit is to be intentional when you shop, What do I mean by that? It’s really easy to shop mindlessly, especially online. Scroll, scroll, scroll.

First of all, try swapping. Instead of buying, try swapping, and it doesn’t have to be with someone you know. there are a lot of what they call swap shops or clothing swaps that are actually businesses. So check in your area, check online and see if you can find one of those. So then you’re finding the taste in clothing you like and the size that you need. So, try swapping first of all.

Next ask yourself the question: Do I see myself wearing this item in 10 years from now? Can you keep this thing for 10 years? Because the idea is by less means. Holding on to what you have for longer. Do you see yourself in it in 10 years? Try to make at least three combinations with this outfit before you buy. Know that you can have at least three outfits. That means it is flexible.

Finally – Delay Gratification

And final tip is to Delay Gratification. This really works. You want to buy something? Force yourself to wait at least 24 hours and see how you feel about it then.

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