Tips from Tammy: How to Shop Secondhand

(Video Transcript- Tips to Shop Secondhand)

Today's Tip from Tammy is about how to shop secondhand. If you're not already on this bandwagon, I encourage you to join it.
I love shopping secondhand for many reasons, but it can be a bit tricky. So, here are the top three things that I suggest you do when going
to the secondhand shops or shopping online.

1. Make a Shopping List for Secondhand Finds

Number one is to determine what you need. This is essential because prices are usually lower on secondhand goods. That will tempt you. So, be sure you make a list of what you absolutely need before you go and get tempted by all the goodies, and stick to that list.

2. Time-Saving Tips & Using Filters

It's not determining your budget as much as it is determining how much time you have. Secondhand shopping can be a huge time suck because there's only one of everything. So, the more time you have, the more reasonable it is to actually go to physical stores.

I'm personally a fan of shopping online secondhand because of all the filters you can use. You can whip through lots and lots of clothing. Also, all secondhand websites are not the same. There are some — usually the higher-end sites that have better filters, and that makes your shopping experience go faster.

3. Set Boundaries for Secondhand Shopping

Number three is to determine where to draw the line and what I mean by that is this. Again, you're in the shop, whether that's physical or online,
and you're finding all these great items, but none of them are quite perfect. So if you've already determined where I draw the line that will help keep your spending and your shopping in control.

What do I mean by that? Things like fiber content. If you know there are certain fibers that don't work well for you, for instance, synthetics that cause you to sweat a lot, Then make those your "draw the line".

If it's about fit, are you willing to go to a tailor and have something tailored to your body? which I highly recommend. If you know you're not going to do that, then don't buy something if it doesn't already fit perfectly.

And another one is care instructions. If you know you're not a dry clean-only person, or if you know you're not going to hand wash something, then choose accordingly.

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