Tips from Tammy: Shoe Shine

(Video Transcript- Shoe Shine)

On today's Tip from Tammy, We're talking about shoes. One of the easiest ways to look put together is to have shoes that are taken care of. And in the case of leather shoes, that would mean making sure your shoes are shined. This is something, I often forget until the last minute. I'm about to walk out the door. I look down and I see that my shoes are not spiffy and shiny. So, I don't have time to shine them.

Shoe Shine: How to Use a Sock for a Last-Minute Fix

A quick tip is to just take a clean sock and use that to shine your shoes. So, obviously, this works, if it's a dark sock or dark shoe. You don't want to get shoe polish that's going to show on your sock. But just use it to spruce up your shoe, easy tip.

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