Tips from Tammy: Less Lint

(video transcript- Lint Roller)

On today's Tip from Tammy, It's not about how many clothes you're buying. It's about how you're taking care of the clothes you already have. So, today I want to talk about the "lint roller". Not an exciting topic but an important one, because when your clothes — the fibers break down and you get these little pluisjes, little pieces of lint, little balls of the fibers — called pilling — on your clothing. And it looks like you kind of rolled out of bed wearing your clothes. So, an easy way to spruce up your outfit is to just get out the lint roller.

Sustainable Alternatives to Lint Roller

So, the problem is this thing is really not sustainable. It's all plastic. And what happens is you peel off these layers and then you roll it on your garment. So, here are some alternatives that are more sustainable. (check out the video)

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