Tips from Tammy: Jumpsuits

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On today's Tip from Tammy. I'm talking about the jumpsuit and more specifically, how do you go to the bathroom when wearing a jumpsuit? So ladies, this one's for you. I love a jumpsuit because it's a really versatile piece. It's an easy way to wear one item that makes you look put together from head to toe. And there's all different styles. I have a very workwear-looking jumpsuit on right now. But they're also very fancy, dressy, casual — all styles of jumpsuits.

Jumpsuits Style Hack: Easy Bathroom Breaks

But what happens when you need to go to the bathroom, you can't just pull your pants down or pull your skirt up. You got to get out of the whole thing. So this is how I make it easy and don't worry, they'll be no nudity in this film. So here I am in my one-piece jumpsuit. First thing you do when you have to go to the bathroom — unbutton or unzip it to the waist. Okay, now get out of the thing just to the waist. So, take the jumpsuit off to the waist, then roll the jumpsuit inside. So just a roll it up in here, making like a little backpack and see, that all that's left to do is unbutton, or unsnap, unzip the bottom, One more roll inside on the top, hold on to it while you pull your pants down and pee. That's it how to pee in a jumpsuit.

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