Tips from Tammy: How to Pay Garment Workers a Living Wage

(Video Transcript- Pay Garment Workers a Living Wage)

In today's Tip from Tammy. I'm talking about three ways that you can disrupt the fast fashion cycle.  You know clothes are not overpriced, they're undervalued. They're still made by humans, not robots. Mostly Black and Brown women make our clothes. Those people are not unskilled, but they ARE undervalued. So, how can we flip the script and start paying the people who make our clothes a living wage?

Stop the Obsession with Bargains

Number one- If you're not paying anything for a garment, can you imagine what the person who made it is paid for? So, we've got to stop the obsession with hunting for bargains.

Hold Brands Accountable

Number two. Instead of boycotting a brand, which could lead to factory closures and garment workers are losing their jobs. So, Ask your favorite fast fashion brand, "Who Made My Clothes?", and pressure them to do more to improve the lives of the people in their supply chains.

Take Action for Change to Pay Garment Workers

Number three is to write a letter to a local policymaker. Yeah, this one takes time, but governments have a real impact on the quality of life of the people who make our clothes. But you don't have to do it alone.

There's lots of help out there including an organization called Fashion Revolution. So, they have put together a guide called Money Fashion Power, that offers tips to help you take action.

Here's the link,

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