Tips from Tammy: Greenwashing

(video transcript)

Today we're talking about greenwashing.

How do I know what to believe?

I get the question, "How do I know if a brand is really sustainable and ethical?" Well the truth is it's hard to tell because the supply chain is so broad and extensive. It's really hard to trace all the way back to not only who sewed your garment, but who grew the cotton, for instance — who processed that; who made the yarns; who dyed the fabric; who shipped it? The supply chain is so big, it's really hard to trace it all. But don't give up hope.

Help is on the way.

There are a few great resources I want to share with you. Number one, Fashion They put out a yearly Transparency Index,
which is not the same as sustainability, but it talks about the top 250 fashion retailers and brands, and how transparent they are in reporting about their supply chains. So they make that for worldwide companies, and also Brazil and Mexico.


For shopping there are two platforms I'd like to tell you about — Good on You and Renoon. On both of these platforms, they offer articles about the best 10 this and the top five that, but also you can simply enter, "I'm looking for t-shirts, I'm looking for jeans, and you can filter by your values. So you can really shop your values. If you find planet, more important, people, that sort of thing, you can filter on those sites.

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