Tips from Tammy: How to Create Your Signature Look

(video transcript- Create your Signature look)

In today's tip from Tammy, I explain how to Create Your Signature Look. You asked, "Hey Tammy,
you talk a lot about creating a Signature Look. How can I do that?"

Steps to Create Your Signature Look:

I'd like to break it down into three steps: Define, Edit, and Enhance.

Step#1- Define

First, Define. What are your values? What are your goals? How do you want to feel about yourself? What impression do you want to make on others? Once you've defined those intangible things, you want to translate them into a physical expression, meaning how you dress and adorn yourself. It might be time to call in an image consultant or makeup artist for advice. Or if you want to DIY it, start collecting images of people whose style you admire. Then ask yourself, does the way they look make you think of the qualities that you want to communicate?

Step#2- Edit

Second- Edit. Once you figure out what Your Signature Look is, the fun begins. I love the closet edit — getting rid of things that aren't serving you. They say a cluttered closet equals a cluttered mind. And it's easy to edit once you know what Your Signature Look is. But don't throw that clothing away, Give it to someone you know, or someone in need. you can also give it to a charity like Dress for Success and they'll make sure people who are going on job interviews have the appropriate clothing. You can also organize a clothing swap, or you can resell your clothing either online or to a bricks-and-mortar consignment store.

Step#3- Enhance

And the third is Enhance. Chances are, after you've edited your wardrobe, there are some significant gaps in your clothing and your makeup bag. So do NOT, whatever you do, do not go on a buying spree. Resist the urge by creating a capsule wardrobe and makeup bag. You will learn how to, with a very small, minimum number of articles, make a lot of new and different combinations and feel like you have a full wardrobe with just a few pieces. As you're filling in your wardrobe, consider buying secondhand clothing and accessories, not the makeup. You might even be able to get some of the items you need from friends through a clothing swap. And then it's time to make new combinations, using your new and your old items. Take photos of those and get used to looking at them and repeating those combinations so they become second nature.

Last Step- Practice

There's one last important step, and that's practice. You're forming new habits with your new Signature Look, and that means practicing over and over again until it becomes second nature. That goes for your makeup as well as your clothing.

More Tips to Create Your Signature Look?

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