Tips from Tammy: Best Washing Instructions

(Video Transcript: Washing Instructions)

On today's Tip from Tammy, We're going to have some real talk about why it matters how you care for your clothes. I know it's tempting to just throw all your clothes in the washer. And if you have a dryer, throw them in the dryer. But let's look at some facts about washing and drying your clothes, and what happens to those fibers.

In this day and age, I don't think people are dry cleaning their clothes just because they don't want to take time to wash them. But let's also look at some facts and figures about dry cleaning.

Sustainable Washing Instructions- Minimize the Amount of Cleaning

So, just like you can think of the most sustainable item for your wardrobe as the one already hanging in your closet, you can also think that way about washing and drying your clothes. The less you do it, the better off you are. So, try to minimize the amount of cleaning you do. Air those clothes out instead of washing them. And when you do need to wash, use a special bag to catch microfibers.

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