The Best Facial in Amsterdam

Since moving to the Netherlands I’ve been able to visit my friend Carley Harrison @carley_harrison_health (Carley Harrison Bespoke Health and Skincare) in London more often. Carley is a cutting edge aesthetician and wellness mentor, listed in London’s Top Ten Facialists in the Evening Standard.

Unfortunately my aging skin was needing more attention than my travel schedule allowed for. It was time to find an aesthetician in Amsterdam. 

One challenge: Carley got me addicted to the South African Environ product line, which is hard to find in the Netherlands.

Luckily Blush Beauty & Skin Clinic @blush.zuidas popped up in my Google search for Environ, and the products and services offered by owner Bianca Smits and her team did not disappoint. In fact, they far exceeded my expectations. 

Blush is specialized in optimalizing and continuously improving the condition of your skin — all in a beautifully decorated, relaxing setting.

What I remembered the most about my facial, besides falling asleep in relaxation, were two things. The first was the incredible face and neck massage I received. The second was how my, shall we say, transgressions, were handled. I don’t drink enough water, I try to perform my own extractions, once in awhile I sleep in my makeup, etc, etc. And when I admitted these things to Bianca, she was gracious. She didn’t lecture me, because she knows I know better. She said, “That’s normal.” That was nice to hear.

During my hourlong treatment, Bianca explained everything she was doing to my face. But I was too relaxed to pay attention, and honestly I don’t care about the details. I just want my skin to look good, and I trust Blush to get me there.

As I was paying and scheduling my next appointment, I asked which treatments I should book for next month. Bianca said not to worry, she always decides on the spot, based on what the client’s skin needs.

And that is, indeed, just what I need — the expert deciding for me. 

Do you want to experience the healing magic of Blush Beauty & Skin Clinic?

Call 020 626 6036 to schedule your appointment.

They’re open late on Monday-Thursday (until 21:00), until 18:00 on Friday and Saturdays from 9:00-16:00.

SPECIAL OFFER: MY TREAT. The next client who books a closet edit, half-day of shopping, OR a style transformation with me for the first time, will be treated to a Blush facial — my treat. Only those that I haven’t worked with before are eligible. Your first appointment has to be scheduled by 7 June and take place by 30 June. During our first appointment we’ll schedule the facial. Click here to sign up or send an email to I’m giving away ONE facial to the first new client who signs up, so don’t overthink it!