One way to have a sustainable wardrobe is to make it a capsule. Why would you want to do that? And why is summer the perfect time to start? 

What is a capsule wardrobe?

I define a capsule wardrobe as a limited number of clothing items that can be combined in a lot of different ways. They should all represent Your Signature Look.

Why try it?

As someone who loves unique items and naturally feels restricted by #stylerepeats, I was sceptical about the idea of a capsule. It sounded restrictive and boring. Then I tried it and found out that a capsule is actually freeing. Initially it requires careful planning and selecting high quality pieces that combine easily — that’s time consuming. But once you’ve got it downpat, you’ll save mental energy every day. 

Think of all the things you’d rather be focusing on than how you look! With a capsule, it’s easier to stay focused on the things that really matter to you. Besides saving you time and self-doubt, a capsule is also good for breaking the cycle of over-consumption. You’ll be making do with less. You can even make a game out of it. Just how many ways CAN you combine a few items?

Tips for creating a sustainable capsule wardrobe:

  1. Choose solid colors that coordinate with one another, plus a print or two that can be switched out once in awhile.
  2. Make sure the silhouettes, styles and fabrics work together. For instance terrycloth sweatpants don’t combine so easily with a silk camisole.
  3. Learn the art of accessorizing. Adding a new accessory once in awhile will extend the life of your capsule. Are you an earring person? Or do you prefer necklaces? Or maybe the common theme is a type of shoe, for instance, always sneakers.

Summer is the perfect time

So why is summer the perfect time to try out a capsule? Usually in the summer, temperatures rise and we wear fewer items of clothing and less layers. That makes it easier to reduce our wardrobes.

Summer also feels playful and fun. Hopefully it includes a break from the norm, like a vacation. Make your trip to Capsule Wardrobe Land fun too, and let me know how it goes.

Sample capsules

Want to see the 30 outfits I made from this sustainable capsule? For more looks, you can check out Vetta and Classic Six. Even better, visit your local secondhand shop and choose a capsule there. If shopping online, read these tips first.