If you fail to plan,
you plan to regret your purchases.

“Wardrobe planning is not the sexiest idea ever, but it’s really practical to have a detailed checklist of items I’m missing — prioritized with images in my virtual closet, on my mobile phone. Thanks to Tammy, I’m less temped to impulse buy things I like, but don’t need.” — wardrobe planning client

What is a Wardrobe Planning?

A wardrobe planning is a detailed list of the clothes, shoes and accessories you’re missing. It is completely personalized based on your goals, needs and preferences, and the items you already own that fit.

Are you

  • wanting to be more strategic about the clothes and accessories you buy?

  • feeling like your wardrobe’s not meeting your needs?

  • unsure what’s missing from your wardrobe?

  • buying the same things over and over again?

  • unprepared for those spontaneous moments you find yourself in a store, able to shop?

Would you like to

How Wardrobe Planning Works

Frequently Asked Questions About Wardrobe Planning