Out with

what’s no longer

serving you.

“My closet was a confused place, over-full of items that gave me joy, but also guilt. I’m so happy with my cleared-out closet and clearer mind — thank you, Tammy!” — wardrobe edit client

Are you

  • tired of opening your closet and feeling uninspired and overwhelmed?

  • feeling guilty for spending so much money on clothes you never wear?

  • unsure how to decide what to keep vs. what to sell or give away?

  • worried you’ll have nothing to wear if you get rid of all those “perfectly good” clothes?

  • Marie Kondo’d out and interested in a simple solution, i.e. a virtual closet?

Do you want to

How a Wardrobe Edit Works

Here is What Clients Are Saying About the Wardrobe Edit

This was a big step for me. I have a lot of emotional connection to my clothes, and it was hard for me to part with things I knew weren’t serving me anymore. Thank you for your kindness and patience, and showing me how small changes have a big effect. I’m already planning to call you in six months after I switch out my seasonal wardrobe, to go through that too. 


I can’t believe you just got me to part with half of my closet. I wasn’t wearing that stuff and I was so annoyed every time I looked at it, but I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of it. The thought of getting rid of it felt like burning money. However, now I feel — a sense of relief. I feel light! I feel free!


I love to shop — too much. I have so much clothing, so why do I not wear most of it? My schedule has me traveling about 50%, so I find myself gravitating towards the same ‘capsule wardrobe’ to pack. Tammy helped me narrow down my color palette and the silhouettes that suit me best. Focusing on that helped me get rid of other items. She also showed me a lot of alterations that make me want to start wearing pieces I was avoiding.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Wardrobe Edit