Get out of your
style rut with
new combinations.

“I never would have thought to combine the items I already own in this way. The outfits Tammy created make me feel like I went shopping, without the guilt of buying anything.” — personal styling client

Are you

  • leaving the house more often and in need of some outfit inspiration?

  • wondering how to combine your new and old items for maximum wear?

  • feeling tempted to shop, but trying to “do the right thing” by buying less?

  • bored with your current wardrobe and resisting the temptation to shop?

Do you want to

How It Works

Outfits are created in the ‘Looks’ section of your Virtual Closet. Fast forward to 1:20 for some examples.

How Styling Advice Works

Here is What Clients Are Saying About Styling Advice

Sometimes it just takes a fresh perspective to fall in love with your clothes again. I’m really trying to buy less, but it’s easy to get tempted by “all the things”. Hiring Tammy for a styling session was money well spent. She put things together that I never would have thought of. Some of them were a stretch — but it was fun to push my style a little bit. Also, this virtual closet idea is cool. It’s pretty confronting to see your whole wardrobe layed out like that. But it’s also a great reminder that I have enough.


I’ve got a monthly clothing subscription with Tammy. After a few months of that, I had several new items in my closet. I want to maximize my outfits. How many combinations can I make with what I have? I told Tammy the types of outfits I need based on my work and social events, and she put a bunch of outfits together. The virtual closet app has a lot of useful features, like clicking on any item and immediately seeing all the outfits I can make.


I think this service used to be called Shop Your Own Closet, and that’s exactly what it felt like. Tammy asked me a lot of questions about what I want to achieve and what I’d like to change about the way I was getting dressed. She didn’t just create a lot of new outfits for me (which are stored in a useful virtual closet), she also showed me styling tricks for my body. It was an added bonus to get tips on how to get my clothes tailored so they look and feel better.


Frequently Asked Questions About Styling Advice