Clothes shopping
made easy.

“Knowing I’m wearing outfits curated for my body, my personality and my lifestyle gives me the confidence to show up instead of hiding behind my clothes.” — personal shopping client

Are you

  • tired of wasting hours scrolling through webshops and still not finding what you want?

  • so discouraged by the clothing you do find, that you’ve stopped shopping altogether?

  • someone who hates shopping and avoids it all costs?

  • wishing someone could find the best clothes, shoes and accessories for you and save you the headache?

  • unhappy with the “free stylist” that comes with most clothing subscriptions/boxes?

Do you want to

How It Works

I’m tired of wearing clothes that are just “fine”. I want to feel great everyday and how I dress plays an important role in that. I’m committed to buying only secondhand clothes, shoes and accessories because I want to do as little harm to the planet as possible. It feels like I’m opening a present every month when I see what Tammy has shopped for me in my virtual closet. I have a subscription for 10 Finds a month and I usually buy 3-4 items. This way I’m slowly rebuilding my wardrobe and not spending an outrageous amount of money on clothes every month.


Online shopping is frustrating and a time suck. Before I signed up for Tammy’s clothing subscription, I could never find what I needed, and when I did buy something it was usually poor quality. Tammy finds what I want, and knows how to weed out the poor quality items. She makes shopping so easy. I don’t hate it anymore because all I have to do is “click & buy” what she’s curated for me each month.  I also like that I can change the number of Finds each month.


While other teenagers were going shopping for fun, I was studying. So I never learned how to shop. I’d rather spend time developing my skills and advancing my career than on making myself look a certain way. At the same time, I know looks are important in business, and I also feel better when I dress in my Signature Look as opposed to just wearing my workout clothes. It’s been an eye-opening process having Tammy shop for me and show me what to look for and what to avoid in the scary world of online shopping.


Before hiring Tammy to shop for me, I hired her to edit my closet. Boy did I learn a lot! She showed me how to analyze whether something is my Signature Look or not. I also have her give me fit advice on the Finds I purchase each month. She shows me how small alterations make a big difference. I feel so confident in my clothes now — really put together and professional.


Want to go to an actual store rather than buy online? I can pre-shop & meet you at the store, or you can dial me in on your mobile phone during your shopping trip — location doesn’t matter. Email me for the options.

For all packages:

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