I’m the only woman in my board of directors and work in a male-dominated industry.

When I hired you, I thought my challenge was dressing too casually. I thought I needed to step it up and dress more formally and traditionally in order to be taken seriously.

Now that you’ve created my Style Guide, I realize I actually had a confidence problem. You helped me view my style in a different way. I was being too critical of myself and had false ideas about how to make an impression on my investors and colleagues.

What surprised me the most is the important role that color plays. I’m no longer hiding behind trends or clothes that don’t flatter me.

You’ve been the perfect coach because of how you communicated with me, and were able to persuade me to make important changes. You got to the heart of MY style and explained which elements I can use to communicate who I am and what my values are, to get the results I want in my work.

As an extra benefit, my husband keeps telling me how great I look!

A.S., co-founder, international tech company


I appreciated how focused the session was and how open you were to my suggestions and what I wanted to accomplish, while remaining directive and instructive throughout the process. You were quick to always have an immediate next step, maximizing my time as a client.

My favorite parts were learning specific things about fit and tailoring to my body that I’d never considered before; having your professional eye to seriously edit my wardrobe; and you curating complete looks — I loved it when you paired jewelry, shoes and bags to really take it to the next level.

M.S., fundraiser for a leading American hospital

At first it felt like a luxury. We had a couple of sessions at home, including an analysis of what flatters me, and a complete edit of my existing clothes and accessories. Tammy went shopping and came back with not only the clothes I needed to fill my work and leisure wardrobe gaps, but she brought shoes, bags and other accessories too. I now have complete outfits and never want to set foot in a store again! Tammy saves me time and money — no more bad purchases that I have to return.

M.H., banker

While I love to travel, I can’t stand to pack, even it’s for a vacation. This time I brought in my secret weapon, Tammy Parrish, founder of The Clothing Compass. We started with a conversation about the kinds of clothing I’d need for my trip based on my agenda. From there Tammy went into my closet and pulled clothes, styling various looks from beachwear to casual to cocktail party, and matching accessories and shoes too.

The best part was that she photographed each outfit and emailed me everything, so I only had to pick looks saved on my mobile phone in order to get dressed. We could all use an expert eye to take a fresh look at what we have, what works together and how to wear it best. Tammy is that expert. I encourage you to make her your secret weapon too!

Jenny Powers, founder, Running With Heels


At the Amplify DEI Summit, a milestone virtual event in the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion space, Tammy presented to over 2,000 people on ‘Amplifying Leadership Through Personal Branding’. Tammy’s got authentic charisma and an undeniable fierceness as a speaker. She commands attention easily as a storyteller and catalyst for change. One attendee said, “When Tammy speaks, you don’t just listen, you connect, and you learn. She has this way of making you feel like you’re part of the conversation, part of the change.

Vivian Acquah, Founder, AmplifyDEI, Certified Diversity Executive

We approached Tammy when we needed an expert for one of our courses, for our online expert learning environment. Tammy’s course was a big hit on our platform. Therefore we partnered up with Tammy for multiple corporate video productions and conferences we created afterwards. I can warmly recommend Tammy as an expert and speaker, but more than that, as a person with strong values and integrity.

Bogdan Manta, Neuroscience for Business Expert and Founder, The Essential Experts

Tammy totally understood how to style the concept of what I write in a way that kept me in the forefront as a writer — as opposed to leaving me buried in one of my character’s costumes. She put together a texturally varied wardrobe for the photoshoot that not only worked on the day, but that works for me day to day as well. Tammy’s attention to detail is excellent and she styled everything from well-fitted underwear to hats and velvet-covered hula hoops. I’d recommend Tammy for her insightful understanding of a brief, her professionalism and her ability to pull a striking look out of a somewhat small and random wardrobe.

S.G., writer


It’s truly as if I have a new wardrobe!

J.S., politician

Tammy, the jacket arrived. I swear I want to live in this jacket!! Sleep in it. Eat breakfast in it. It’s perfect.

L.M., executive coach

I wish I had met you sooner; I would have done the whole program! You’ve already helped me get more mileage out of the clothes I have. You’ve saved me time by allowing me to focus on what’s really important (international move); made it much easier for me to make choices in the future. and your advice will prevent me from buying things that aren’t flattering, or that won’t help me meet my goals. 


You’re the best gift a busy business woman can give herself, Tammy! Ever since you’ve helped me, my life is much easier when it comes to my wardrobe, shopping, and finding amazing outfits to work in!!! To me you are a blessing!!!

J.C., psychologist & behavioral expert