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to find tips about how to dress to (fill in the blank based on your goal).

But what about when you follow those tips and the dreaded still happens: a wardrobe malfunction?

It doesn’t need to be of Janet Jackson Nipplegate proportions to cause you great embarrassment.

I’ve created this series of tips to get you thinking beyond the ‘deer caught in headlights’ moment of horror and into the more productive ‘whaddya gonna do about it’ phase.

The most important thing to remember is, if you label it a wardrobe malfunction, chances are that you are the one who will be the most embarrassed, not those around you. The bystanders are more likely to be amused than offended, and it can actually be a great way to put others at ease. In any case, it’s a great conversation starter.



You’re in a meeting with a client and manage to spill coffee on your shirt. You have no time to change and need to give a presentation to a group of 25 people in two hours.


What do you do?

1. Damage control. Grab some napkins and, if possible, excuse yourself to the restroom so you can take your shirt off and work faster. If it’s not possible to leave the scene, put one napkin inside the garment (easier than you think) as well as one outside, sandwiching your shirt between the napkins to absorb as much of the coffee as possible.

2. If the shirt is not dry clean only, dab some water on the stain and repeat the napkin trick. Depending on the fabric, if you escaped to the restroom, you can also add a drop of soap, fold the stained fabric in half with the stain inside, and rub, using the napkins to then dab off the ‘coffee suds’.

3. Hide the stain. Now that it’s contained, you want to cover up the stain as best you can. The easiest way to do this is with a lightweight scarf with volume. Depending on where the stain is, you can tie the scarf to hold it in place so that the stain stays hidden from sight.


“Nice,” you’re thinking, “but who carries a scarf around?” You can, and here’s where to find them. Halsduk by Esmee makes great lightweight (and beautiful, handwoven in the Netherlands) scarves. Keep one folded up in a small plastic bag inside your handbag. It’s the perfect solution for drafty rooms, coffee stains, and foremost for looking elegant.

What wardrobe malfunction would you like advice on? Please share your answer in the Comments.