Although the weather is not yet fully cooperating, the stores are full of the new spring collections. If your spring wardrobe is lacking, now is the time to shop.

Tips for maximizing your shopping trip:

1. Customize

If you’re a regular client, ask your favorite store if you can shop outside of their normal business hours, when it’s convenient for you. More and more stores are willing to do this. If you feel guilty asking, find a couple of friends to go with you, then everyone will get more out of the experience!

2. Ask for help.

It’s easy to assume the store personnel are just there to sell you as much as possible and tell you that you look great in everything, but most of them are truly helpers by nature. Instead of automatically saying, “No thanks, I’m just looking” when entering a store, tell the shopkeeper what you’re looking for, or not looking for. A certain color? A certain style? Are you shopping to complete an outfit? Are you on a budget or do you need to be in and out of the store in 15-minutes? The more you reveal, the better you’ll be helped.

3. Be prepared.

The very best thing to wear when clothes shopping is a dress that buttons up the front over a tank top and leggings β€” no messing up your hair; no leaving half of your makeup on the clothes you’ll be trying on; no sneaking half naked out of the dressing room to check out a new top or pants in the communal three-way mirror. If you’ll be shopping for shoes, pack the right legwear (stockings, socks, etc.). And for all of those emergency trips where you’re trying to find shoes, jewelry or (fill in the blank) to complete an outfit so you can wear it that night/the next day/immediately, take along the pieces you’re trying to match.

Cheat Sheet: Items That Go Together
> belts, handbags, shoes
> coats, gloves, hats, bags
> earrings, necklaces, bracelets

4. Double check the store hours.

First Google the store β€” you almost always get a listing with address, hours, telephone number and a map. Even if the opening times are listed, cross check the store’s Facebook page orΒ website, and ideally call to avoid wasting what little free time you have.