The self-confidence, power and comfort that come from being able to wear your high heels longer and more often — I love seeing the positive effect that has on women.

linjaBianca Blom founder of LINJA, recently showed me, literally, what it’s like to walk a mile in her shoes.

In collaboration with an Italian orthopedic shoemaker, Blom has developed a pair of high heels that look and feel great.

According to Blom, you can wear LINJAs twice as long as normal heels. Just how long depends on the wearer, of course, and how accustomed she is to wearing high heels. Most other high heeled shoes that are comfortable look that way as well: lower and wider heels, a platform under the foot bed, sturdy and stocky shoes that look frumpy. No thanks!

In designing LINJAs, no detail has been overlooked: beautifully trimmed, signature metal accents at the heel, a luxurious lining and a unique non-slip leather sole. Each pair is handmade in Italy and shipped free of charge to addresses in the Netherlands and Belgium.

How high is high?

The standard LINJA has a 10 cm heel, but the 8cm has just arrived in the store.

Hidden benefits

LINJAs are for women who want to look good. But the shoes do more than that.

Blom explains, “Customers tell me they feel more powerful in my shoes. I like seeing LINJAs reinforce a woman’s beauty and her feeling of satisfaction with herself and what she’s able to accomplish.”

Entrepreneurial spirit

Blom started out her career in the corporate world, including jobs at a bank and most recently, a law firm, where she started LINJA on the side. But she has always had a dream of running an international business, which she’s now pursuing full time. LINJA has plans to expand to the USA in 2019, with other countries to follow.

Ambition in balance

Now able to focus her energy exclusively on LINJA, Blom says she’s learned to have a better work-life balance, “Tomorrow is another day.”

You can read more about Bianca’s career in Harper’s Bazaar.

Get comfortable

Stop by the LINJA summer store in Amsterdam or shop online through 31 August and order your custom self-esteem boost, available in 17 whole and half sizes and 7 colors. Visit the store and receive a 10% discount. Repeat customers are rewarded with a 15% discount on the second pair of LINJAs they purchase. For more information: