Are you struggling to find enough work clothes to wear post-pandemic? If you’re like me, being less active while #workingfromhome + stress eating = a challenge to fit into your 2019 wardrobe. Now that we’re entering a new season, how can you stretch your wardrobe to fit those extra curves?

Stretching Your Perspective

First of all, please cut yourself some slack. Feeling bad about not being the size you would like is counterproductive. Not all weight gain is caused by eating too much and exercising too little. Many of us have our menstrual cycles to thank for monthly weight fluctuation.

In the case of bloating, water retention and other temporary factors that cause you to gain up to a full dress size, here are some tips to get you through, based on the part of your body where you’ve gained weight:

Tip #1 Weight Gain in Your Breasts

Do Wear:

Bias cut tops and dresses that stretch to accommodate your breasts

> Skirts & pants in heavyweight, printed stretch fabrics, or with seams or other horizontal details that balance out the top half of your body

Don’t Wear:

> Button-front shirts that strain across the bust

> Suit jackets that you can’t close (even if you’ll be wearing it open)

Tip #2 Weight Gain in Your Waist

Do Wear:

> Tops that are loose-fitting in the waist, preferably in woven fabrics rather than knits, to avoid clinging

> Tops and dresses in woven fabrics or heavyweight knits, with an A-line or straight silhouette

Don’t Wear:

> Shirts, dresses or belts that draw attention to your waist

> Fitted shirts tucked into pants or a skirt

Tip #3 Weight Gain in Your Hips/Derrière/Thighs

Do Wear:

> Tops that are fuller in the chest and shoulders, or with horizontal stripes/accents, to balance out your bottom half

> Long pants with a flare to create balance

Don’t Wear:

> Long tops worn untucked, that end at the widest part of your body

> Big, sloppy sweaters or cardigans to “disguise” your lower body. They just make you look bigger.

For more tips on using your wardrobe to deal with weight gain, read my blog for GolfVrouw (in Dutch).

Filling the Gaps

If you need a few key items to fill in your wardrobe, make a plan so you can avoid buying things that don’t coordinate with your existing clothes. You could start to build a sustainable summer capsule wardrobe. Sustainable wardrobe planning requires time. To make the best use of your most precious resource, I highly recommend online shopping. Here are my best tips.

Need a hand?

Would you like an objective eye to help you get clear on what part of your wardrobe works for your current needs and lifestyle? You probably don’t need a full-on purge, just some tailoring and new combinations to help you feel confident and inspired again. Click here to schedule a no-obligation video chat and see how I can help.