Tips from Tammy: Dressing to Stay Warm

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Today's Tip from Tammy is about how to transition your wardrobe between seasons.

Wardrobe Math

Basically what it boils down to is you either have to add or subtract things. There's no other option.

If you don't want to carry a lot of extra clothing around, what do you do?

How to Layer

What are the items that you can get the most mileage out of? When you're adding things, people usually think of bulk — layers on top.

But also think about layers underneath.

Let's look at some undergarments — anything from camisoles to tank tops, to short-sleeves.

Fabrics that keep you warm

Wool and silk, those are your friends. Those fibers are holding heat in and also breathing. And also synthetics are not going to breathe but they will keep you warm.

Button-ups and downs

So here's a selection of undergarments you can think about. And what are you going to put on top? All button-downs are your friends — button-ups, button-downs. Here is a selection. Anything you have that's got buttons at the front. You can layer it over one of your warm undergarments.


And of course don't forget the socks — wool and silk are great for keeping you warm.


Another thing you can try is statement collars and cuffs. And here you see several options — removable shirt collars, fake turtlenecks — I'm a big fan for winter. A couple special occasion options and some cuffs.

Styling Your Layers

And what are you going to do with all those layers? Here are some ideas with the shirts, tanks and turtlenecks. And if you want to take your dresses and jumpsuits, you can also layer the warm pieces underneath.

More Warmth?

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