Moving to another country presents plenty of challenges, including finding the shops you like, and adjusting your personal style to the local culture.

The Clothing Compass helps you:

  • Discover the stores and websites that carry clothes that you like, in your size.

  • Reflect your personality and ambition through your clothes and accessories.

  • Start mornings without wardrobe stress.

  • Feel more self-confident.

Special Offer for Clients of Expat Help

Click here to schedule your complimentary 20-minute video session with Tammy Parrish, owner of The Clothing Compass. Receive personalized advice about using your image to stand out while fitting in as an expat in the Netherlands.

If you go on to schedule services with The Clothing Compass, you’ll receive a free style type report to help you unlock your style DNA, valued at €45.

What Clients Are Saying

“It’s hard not to stand out as an expat in the Netherlands. My style is casual, but my colleagues still ask me why I overdress. Tammy shared her insight on being an international in the Netherlands. She took me clothes shopping and helped me make small changes in my style. Now I still feel like myself, but I’m less self-conscious about how I look.” -J.K.

“You’ve helped me get more mileage out of the clothes I have. You’ve saved me time by allowing me to focus on what’s really important; made it much easier for me to make choices in the future; and your advice will prevent me from buying things that aren’t flattering, or that won’t help me meet my goals.” -M.P.