Living in a different country means adapting a lot. However, your personal style is unique. Why change it, or rely on trips “back home” to restock your wardrobe?

Sustainable Style Resources

Here are lots of free resources, some of which I mentioned in my presentation in November 2022.

Special Offer for AWCA members

If you’re looking to (re)build your wardrobe with pieces that match what you already own, check out the Sustainable Clothing Subscription. I’ll shop new and secondhand for you Europe, all online, using a virtual closet system. It’s a flexible subscription, with prices starting at €25/month.

AWCA member who sign up for a three-month trial will get their fourth month free (5 Finds). Visit for full details. Please note that you’re an AWCA member when booking your call.

Would You Like To:

  • Discover the local sources that carry clothes that work for you, in your size. Is sustainability important to you? Secondhand gems? Subscription services? Renting clothes for the kids? I’ve got you covered.

  • Express yourself through your clothes. Dress to reflect your values.

  • Break the cycle of mis-buys and learn how to maximize the wardrobe you have.

  • Get your self-confidence back and enjoy getting dressed.

What Clients Are Saying

“It’s hard not to stand out as an expat in the Netherlands. My style is casual, but my colleagues still ask me why I overdress. Tammy shared her insight on being an international in the Netherlands. She took me clothes shopping and helped me make small changes in my style. Now I still feel like myself, but I’m less self-conscious about how I look.” -J.K.

“You’ve helped me get more mileage out of the clothes I have. You’ve saved me time by allowing me to focus on what’s really important; made it much easier for me to make choices in the future; and your advice will prevent me from buying things that aren’t flattering, or that won’t help me meet my goals.” -M.P.