With the Clothing Compass I show you how to do more with less in your wardrobe.

Develop an authentic style and:

  • feel more confident knowing that your outside matches your inside

  • reflect your true personality and ambition through your clothes and accessories

  • choose only clothes that reflect your values, that you like wearing, and that combine easily

  • start mornings without wardrobe stress

  • save time

Download your 5 Tips to Let Your Wardrobe Work for You

Sound familiar?

You’re interested in learning how you can better use your image to achieve your goals. You want to make more ethical choices and avoid fast fashion. You have a lot of clothing but wear the same pieces over and over again. You don’t always feel like you have the right clothes for the right occasion. You have no time to shop, or you hate shopping. You have trouble finding clothes that you like and/or clothes that fit. You always shop in the same stores and could use some new ideas. You’d like to get dressed faster in the morning. There’s no structure or planning in your closet. You struggle to pack for business trips or vacations.

The Clothing Compass offers solutions.


download here.



I appreciated how focused the session was and how open you were to my suggestions and what I wanted to accomplish, while remaining directive and instructive throughout the process. You were quick to always have an immediate next step, maximizing my time as a client.

My favorite parts were learning specific things about fit and tailoring to my body that I’d never considered before; having your professional eye to seriously edit my wardrobe; and you curating complete looks — I loved it when you paired jewelry, shoes and bags to really take it to the next level.

M.S., fundraiser for a leading American hospital

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